Many Questions – No Answers

What is the reasoning behind:

…someone who is unwilling to run against others in front of a crowd but is receptive to the idea of running at a gym showing off on a treadmill as they workout with others in front of a crowd?

…someone who wakes up religiously to run with relentless dedication and vigor in the dark of morn at 6:00AM but refuses the idea of training?

…someone who runs in competitive marathons year after year but rejects the idea of competing?

…some young/old track star who quits track and looks back at the sport eyes of longing?

…that same track star who becomes defensive or fearful when asked to return to the sport?

…people who do not like running or feel you must like running to run?

…RUNNING for charity rather than simply giving from their pocket?

…people who regard all professional athletes alike when it comes to income when K0be Bryant’s net worth is 6 times greater than Usain Bolts and Bolt is track’s highest paid athlete?  (Kobe- $200M, Usain- $30M…most T&F prof- athletes $50K to $1M)

…the vision of 1950s track & field rule makers when they drafted the rules that set up the infrastructure of track governing bodies and track & field today?

…applying rules clearly intended for team sports such football, basketball, and baseball to track & field when track is an individualized sport?

…track policy makers today as they continue to uphold those 1950s ideals and apply them to a 21st century audience?

…Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and other athletic gear manufacturers when companies opt to use everyday models to market their running shoes & gear instead of track & field athletes?

So many questions…are there any answers?

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