Monthly Archives: January 2014

Changing Fundamentals

I look at the world today from politics to sports to education to city building and somehow arrive at the same thought: When a generation is born, they are born into a world already in motion. The expectation for new generations is to simply go with the flow. Except, the direction of that current isn’t always right. Sometimes that current must be redirect. If redirection isn’t possible, then new ripples and currents must take form and take on a force big enough to create change.

What am I talking about?

I look at the rules that govern track & field from high school to NCAA to USATF, and I cannot help but wonder, is it time for a reassessment? Rules are written criteria for forming organization. Rules are guidelines to protect organizations from chaos. As I look back through history, it appears some rules were written based on privilege during a time of sociological upheaval. Other rules affecting the sport originate from Football and are loosely applied to track. My guess is that the authors got lazy and felt it would be too much of an imposition to write rules specific to each sport. Whatever the case may be, the effects certain rules have had on many track & field athletes have been dire. The question is…how do you change rules that have been in effect since the days of Avery Brundage?

I look at the view from my backyard. Hollywood Park is closing. Instead of visionaries creating some type of athletic complex reflecting the City of Inglewood’s motto, “City of Champions,” the city along with developers are building homes to pack in thousands more into a tiny city. Shopping centers will be built as well. My guess, based on the new complexes built on Imperial and Century, more discount stores to further deteriorate my beloved city. Wal-Mart owns the land and has for decades I understand. The question is…how do you stop it? How do you change the tide and generate currents that reshape the landscape for the better?

There are people in this world who have redirected the flow of rivers…Inspired changed…Taken ownership…Risen to become a powerhouse despite being born into a world in motion. Without money or power, how do you create BIG changes for the benefit of others?